Jabra Elite Series Wireless Earbud

Jabra Elite cutting-edge true wireless earbud is engineered to free you from noise and revolutionize your calls, with our ground-breaking new Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ technology.

Combining four or six powerful microphones with an advanced Voice Pick Up sensor in each bud, Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ completely reinvents calls on the go. Automatically activating when it’s windy, VPU sensors use bone conduction technology to transmit your voice via vibrations in your jawbone, allowing our uniquely advanced algorithms to detect and cancel wind and other disruptive noise for the clearest voice experience, literally anywhere.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Earbud

Elite 7 Pro Black

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Earbud Gold Beige

Elite 7 Pro  Beige

Jabra Elite Active Earbud

Elite 7 Active Black

Jabra Elite 7 Active headset in Navy color

Elite 7 Active Navy

Elite 7 Active Mint

Elite 4 Active Black

Elite 4 Active Navy

Elite 85T Titanium Black

Elite 75T Titanium Black

Elite 75T Navy

Elite 65T Titanium Black