Poly Sync 40 and 60 Smart SpeakerPhone

Poly Sync 40 is designed for flexible and huddle workspaces. Its sound is remarkable. Everyone can hear and be heard without missing a word with multi-microphone array and fullduplex audio. Poly Sync 40 is battery-powered for hours so teams can use it anywhere in the room. They can pair two units together for larger meetings with bigger volume, more microphones, and wider voice pickup.

  • Works with computers via USB and with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Users enjoy easy connectivity however they want to work
  • Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via combined USB-A/USB-C cable

Poly Sync 40 Std

Poly Sync 40 MS

Poly Sync 40+ Std

Poly Sync 40+ MS

Poly Sync 60 is designed for small to medium conference rooms. Be heard with six microphones focusing on voices, not the noise, even from the far end of a room. And if both ends talk simultaneously, what’s said comes through so naturally. Connect any device, with USB-A, USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity options—simply plug in and start talking. Need bigger sound for larger rooms? Easily pair two units together for wider voice pick up.

Poly Sync 60 Std

Poly Sync 60 MS