When it come to choosing the right headset for your business, you must keep in mind that you are not looking for yet another high tech gadget. What you need is something that works, something that you can weae all day without the discomfort. Here are something to consider:

Who is the new headset for? Is it for Office desk worker? IT Support? Manager? Mobile worker? Agent of a Call Centre?

Are you going to connect the headset to a desk phone or other devices? There are headset that can work with any device. More expensive headsets offer multiple connection options or come in different versions that work with exactly the type of connection you have – whether it’s a standard 3.5mm plug, a USB port on your computer, or a Quick Disconnect (QD) cable. If you prefer a wireless headset, you can find both DECT and Bluetooth versions.

Do you need wireless capability? Wireless headsets let you move around the office and conveniently answer an incoming call from anywhere, it let you stay on a call while checking with a colleague to answer a customer question is of the utmost importance.

Do you work in a noisy open office? If you work in a relatively quiet office, a basic headset may do just fine. On the other hand, if your office or call center is busy and loud, you might want to invest in a headset with noise-cancelling microphones and active noise cancellation, so that you and the caller can hear each other better. Today’s enterprise-grade noise-cancelling headsets not only let the employees focus in noisy offices, but they also ensure that people can hear and be heard by their colleagues and customers.

Are you a Unified Communication Shop? You want to make sure tha the UC Headset can work and unify desk phone, computer and mobile devices.

Do you wear headset all day long? How many hours per day will you wear the headset?  If you’re always on a call, you should consider a truly lightweight headset that stays comfortable even after prolonged use and doesn’t hurt your ears. If you’re only on a call for an hour or two per day, a more simple headset may be enough. A good headset make sure you can, and actually want to wear the headset.

Do you need dual or even triple connectivity? Some advanced headsets let you manage Desk phone, Softphone, Smartphopne, merge calls into a conference, merge headsets into a conference. This gives office staff or agents of a call centre the convenience and flexibility to use a single headset for multiple purposes.