Poly Sync Speakerphone

  • Portable speakerphone and charger in one unit.. 
  • Slim and portable, comes with a carrying case. 
  • Available in USB-A, USB-C, and Bluetooth connection
  • Works with computers via USB, and with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Connect wirelessly to computers via the included BT600 adapter (Poly Sync 20+). 
  • Work on the on all day long with 20 hours talk time
  • IP64 dust- and water-resistant.
  • Sync 20 Std USB-A

    Sync 20+ Std USB-A

    Sync 20 MS USB-A

    Sync 20+ MS USB-A

    Sync 20 Std USB-C

    Sync 20+ Std USB-C

    Sync 20 MS USB-C

    Sync 20+ MS USB-C

    Sync 40 Std 

    Sync 40+ Std 

    Sync 40 MS 

    Sync 40+ MS 

    Sync 60 Std 

    Sync 60 MS