recent report from Frost & Sullivan stating that high-quality professional headsets actually improve the return on UC investment. How so?

Knowledge workers expect to have a professional experience when speaking with other business people, and businesses demand value and low total cost-of-ownership. This is why companies look towards business-grade headsets like Jabra’s to ensure employees can hear and be heard clearly, background noise is eliminated, and they are able to get more done without ever worrying about the performance of their audio endpoint.

Professional headset is specially optimized for office and call center environments. Many models are made to withstand prolonged use with durable Kevlar cords and a boom arm that can rotate 360 degrees without snapping. Here are several ways in which high-end headsets deliver value to your business.


Professionals usually spend many hours a day wearing their headsets and talking to others. If the headset is not comfortable, knowledge workers are not going to wear it…at least not for long. If users opt out of wearing a headset, your UC deployment won’t be as successful.

On the flip side, comfortable professional-grade headsets will make sure the users keep them on, which increases user adoption.


Consumer-grade headsets can break down quickly. Businesses want their headsets to last – ideally for the full length of UC implementation. They don’t want to worry about replacing the headsets every 12 months.

Sound quality also tends to be much higher on professional-grade headsets. They have noise-canceling technology built into the speakers to reduce noise from a busy open office. On top of that, their noise-canceling microphones make sure the person on the other end of the phone only hears the party they are speaking with.


Businesses need headsets to be plug-and-play and certified to work with their specific UC platform. IT teams have to manage a fleet of headset and automatically update firmware on all of them, when necessary. Employees should be able to easily switch between phone calls, listening to music, and blocking out background noise to focus on a specific task.

Professional-grade headsets are equipped to deal with most of these demands.

The little things can often make all the difference. Professional-grade headsets and their positive impact on UC adoption is one of those situations. It pays to spend the time to find the right headset that will deliver comfort, the right technology, the right support, and the right value.